November 28, 2012

Apparently owners don’t just look like their dogs, they share personality traits as well. Although the same probably can’t be said of cats, it’s easy to see why both furry friends make great pets. This pet blog is all about celebrating cats and dogs, whether they are playing with their favourite squeaky pet toy or hoping for a treat. Looking after a pet doesn’t come …Read the Rest

New Book Buckingham looks into cats therapeutic powers

New Book Buckingham looks into cats therapeutic powers
January 22, 2016
Cat Behaviour

An entertaining mixture of realtiy and fantasy, Buckingham is not your run of the mill cat book, instead it is a story all about the calming powers of cats and how they can positively affect human lives. “Cats have always been in and out of my life in one way or another providing love and support when I needed it most. At one time I …Read the Rest

Pet Epilepsy Tracker App Available in Europe

January 20, 2016
Dog Health

The innovative app that allows UK dog owners to improve the lives of pets with epilepsy will soon be translated into seven different languages to help man’s best friend throughout Europe. Launched during National Epilepsy Week in May last year by The Royal Veterinary College University of London (RVC), the Pet Epilepsy Tracker was developed in collaboration with the human epilepsy charity ‘Epilepsy Society’ to …Read the Rest

Revolutionary Bite Release dog wand starts crowdfunding campaign

Revolutionary Bite Release dog wand starts crowdfunding campaign
January 15, 2016

A forward thinking Cardiff couple is putting an end to nasty dog bites with a pioneering new product designed to release any canine chomp within seconds. Pegged as one of the greatest inventions of the year, the patented Bite Release wand employs the power of ultra-sonic vibrations and has the potential to save the lives of both dogs and humans. To fast-track the product to …Read the Rest

Can your pet increase your dating success?

December 28, 2015

Dogs and Cats are increasingly seen as being a crucial member of a traditional family, but aside from the companionship and love you receive from your pet… can they also make you appear sexier? Many men and women will agree that a potential partner caring for a dog can be alluringly sexy and new research published in Anthrozoös: A multidisciplinary journal of the interactions of …Read the Rest

PayingTooMuch.com Reveals 10 Most Destructive Dog Breeds

December 17, 2015
Dog Behaviour

Did you know that despite being one of the smallest dogs, the Chihuahua causes an average of £866 worth of damage over its lifetime by ripping or staining carpets, scratching or chewing sofas and digging up plants and flowerbeds? Another fur ball of destruction is the Dachshund, with owners of the cute ‘sausage’ dog facing a bill of £810 to repair or clean up after …Read the Rest

Doggy Bags Online Canine Subscription Box on Indiegogo

Doggy Bags Online Canine Subscription Box on Indiegogo
December 8, 2015

Introducing Doggy Bags Online – the fantastic new canine subscription box, which delivers doggy treats, toys and other items to the doorsteps of dog owners each and every month. According to a poll by animal charity Blue Cross, three-quarters of pet owners will be buying their furry friend a present this Christmas, with the UK’s 19 million pet owners spending in excess of £47m. It’s …Read the Rest

Vets say The Big Tick Project a triumph for practices

December 5, 2015

Vets have voted the Big Tick Project a resounding success in a post-campaign survey, with 94% reporting their experience as being good or very good. As well as reporting high levels of satisfaction, the respondents revealed that altruistic reasons were their primary motivation for taking part, with ‘making a contribution to science’ and ‘obtaining regional data on the scale of the tick problem’, quoted by …Read the Rest